Oooooooooohhhh it’s been such an exciting week!  It’s all been happening.  The 60,000 leaflets arrived… so I made a small house in my lounge out of all the boxes, just delivering the buggers now.  The t-shirts are being made as we speak, kindly donated by Mick at  Customized Ltd, thank you. Jules has been working soooo hard ironing out all the niggles on the website, this guy is a superstar and has put so much into this website it’s unbelievable. My amazing friend Alexa Lander has been my rock, organizing me and contacting all the local paper, radio stations etc, trying to get this message out there.  It’s working too, on Thursday I did an interview for Pulse, not sure when it’s going to be aired, I’ll let you all know.  I WAS REALLY NERVOUS!  Alexa was mouthing “breath” throughout, but I got though and we were so excited afterward, I’ve never been on the radio before.  They have also said they want to follow the campaign.

The Telegraph & Argus are going to follow the campaign too and have run article today (we even got a mention on the front page), they are also going to be there on my last day. The video has gone down a treat and has now been viewed over 14, 000 times, which was such a surprise, a few of the local news presenters have re tweeted it too so fingers crossed something might come of that.

I went on a little mission also to Dogfest in Cheshire and dragged my mum and dad and niece and nephew along in the baking heat to try and get a copy of my leaflet into the hands of Noel Fitzpatrick (The SuperVet), I got as far as his very large bouncer, fingers crossed it got there.  Also had a great conversation with the people at The Big Tick Project tent.  They are going to do their best to get Chris Packham on board too.  We shall see 😊.

I’d like to say a big thank you to my cousin Neal Williams and Suzanne Thomas who were the first to donate on the just giving page and also to Preston Rittenhouse and Galia Rogner, friends of Sol who want to support and help their friend.

Me? Well, my head is spinning if I’m being honest;  a mixture of nerves about the marathons, excitement because it all now feels very very real, and also a feeling of not being ready… but then I don’t really know how to get ready for something like this.  Physically, I feel at my peak (for me that is) although I ain’t no Paula Radcliffe! The years I’ve spent pounding the streets, Im hoping are what’s go to see me through, that and the incredible supports I’ve received so far from friends, family, social media groups and my local community.  Thank you, thank you, thank you… LETS DO THIS!


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