Help spread a little sunshine
in someone else’s life today.

Lyme Destroys Lives

Help fight it and raise awareness.

So why am I doing this?  Sol is suffering at a level of pain that most of us can’t even comprehend.  When I saw the post on Facebook, something inside me woke up.  I felt compelled to do something, to act.  The world right now feels full of negative news, tragedy and a lot of hate and I think a lot of us are feeling somewhat frightened about our futures and the futures of our children.  I believe that the only way to make things better in the world is to spread some light, spread some sunshine.  We spend too much of our energy thinking and worrying about the bad stuff.  Let’s use that energy to do some good. 

Once I decided I wanted to help, I began researching this disease and I found out things about Lyme disease especially Lyme in the UK that I could not believe. 

In the UK there are 45,000 new cases each year, this disease is growing at a frightening speed. The charity Caudwell LymeCo estimate that 1 person in 20 is expected to catch it at some point. Prompt treatment with a course of antibiotics will stop this disease dead in its tracks.  Lyme in Argentina, UK, Australia, most countries across the world in fact is not being diagnosed correctly, and with no cure, this disease is laying waste to peoples lives.  As Lyme mimics so many symptoms of so many other conditions it’s almost impossible to diagnose.  It’s been dubbed the “invisible disease”.  We need to increase awareness about this disease now!