Help spread a little sunshine
in someone else’s life today.

26 Marathons in 26 Days!

Running, walking or cycling, however you do yours,
is up to you.

So,  the 26 marathons will be completed on consecutive days.  I’ll be measuring the distance using the step counter on my phone.  I’ll be completing them by any means I’m capable of on that day.  Some days I will be working so will have to make up the rest of the miles either before or after work, it’s going to be a whole load of early starts and late finishes come rain or shine! Throughout the campaign I’ll be asking people to join me just to help me get through it and to basically break the monotony.  Im under no illusions about this challenge, it’s massive and it’s going to be very very tough but I believe I’ve got the grit and determination to do it!  I’ll also be posting ideas each day on how to #spread a little sunshine and also daily facts about Lyme disease plus videos (of me looking tired) and photos of my journey.