And we have lift off!  A full on fancy website… I can’t believe it! When I first asked me the question a few months ago, “what can I come up with to help Sol?”  I never would have believed that it would become this.  This ace campaign that has grown and been shaped and molded into what you are now seeing. I’m so so proud.  Of me 🙂 for sticking with it and not giving up and of my dear friend Jules, who, as well as caring deeply about the person this campaign is all about,  is the clever chap who has actually built this website and made my ideas look good.  It’s been testing times over these last few weeks let me tell ya!   Me being the head in the clouds dreamer who’s had a million ideas, as he so kindly puts it, “bells and bloody whistles” ideas.  Then there’s been Jules, the one to ground me and look at the campaign from a technical, logical perspective. Getting the website to do what we needed it to do, which is, to get people involved and get the money we need for Sol.  That’s why we are here.

So far, i want to thank Chris Pointon, co founder of the globally successful campaign #hellomynameis, whose support and advice and new found friendship has been priceless.  🙂  Big brother Luke who managed to get his hands on a very swanky treadmill (love you bro) and all my family and friends who’s advice and support has been incredible. 

So now I need you! Please have a nosy round the website, let me know what you think, any ideas, suggestion etc would be appreciate.  I really hope you come with me on this journey.  I’ll be posting regular updates on here, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. Pictures of me looked really really tired.  Ideas of act of kindness for you to ponder everyday and hopefully act on. Ideas for schools and kids to get involved with too.  Also, I’ll be trying to get as many people to actually do my last marathon with me on the 23rd July, to raise awareness about Lyme disease and also to raise more funds.  Wherever in the world you are, you can get involved, it will make you feel good I promise 🙂 Please spread the word, pass it on to anyone you think will like it.  Spread that blumin sunshine everywhere! 

So now there’s just a small matter of a few marathons for me to get through and you lot to do your bit and we’ve cracked it!  £60,000 in the bank for Sol and a world that’s just a little bit happier!  We’ve got work to do people…….let’s get cracking!


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