1. Smile!

Smile at a stranger, anyone, the Post Lady 🙂 Shop Keepers, a passerby, anyone.

2. Chocolate!

Buy someone you care about their favourite chocolate bar (mine’s a biscuit boost, just in case).

3. Telephone

Call your parents/kids.  Tell them that you love them.

4. Check in

Check in on an elderly neighbour to make sure they’re ok.

5. Call a friend

Call that friend you’ve been meaning to reconnect with for ages. You keep saying your going to but never do. Do it today, it will make you both happy.

6. Road Manners

Let another car pull out in front of you (and don’t go crazy if they forget to say thanks).  Stop to let a pedestrian cross the road.

7. Neighbours

Call and say hi to that neighbour who you’ve never spoken to.  Pop round and introduce yourself.

8. Nice Notes

Put a surprise note in with your child/partners lunch box.  My friend stuck “I love you” under the toilet seat, her partner loved it.

9. HUGS!

Give someone a hug.  Hugs are good.

10. Share a meal

If you’ve got an elderly neighbour, next time you cook a big meal, make a plate for them too. You’ll make their day.

11. Help the elderly

Help your elderly neighbour put their bins out or offer to mow their lawn.

12. Remember to say it

Tell someone you care about that you appreciate them.  I read this a few years ago.  It’s amazing how good it makes someone feel.

13. Give Blood

A simple act, that could literally save someone’s life. What’s not to love about doing this?

14. Challenge Yourself

Have a conversation with someone from another faith or culture, ask questions, learn about one another & laugh together.

15. Animal Rescue

Thinking of getting a pet? Then why not save one from an animal shelter? They need a home and love too.

16. Volunteer

I do, at a local charity shop, called Kirkwood Hospice.  Charity shops are crying out for volunteers.

17. Feed the birds

Keep your wild bird feeders full!  Get a bird bath for your garden.  It’s really beautiful to watch them.

18. Pick it up

Next time you’re out & about, pick up 3 pieces of litter.  Good for the planet & might encourage others to do the same.

19. Accept help

Allow someone else to help you.  Let them enjoy performing an act of kindness.

20. Give thanks

Write an e-mail or a letter to that teacher or person who’s made a real difference in your life.

21. Reach Out

Write something nice on that person’s updates who posts on Facebook constantly. They’re probably lonely.

22. Be Inclusive

Try to make sure every person in a group conversation feels included, listen to them.

23. Help the homeless

Stop to talk to a homeless person, acknowledge their humanity, buy them a sandwich.

24. Buy lunch

If you can afford it, pay for someone else’s coffee, or pay for their lunch.

25. Say Hello

When you’re out and about smile 🙂 say “hello”  “good morning” talk about the weather… that’s what we do!

26. It could be you

Buy an extra lottery ticket and stick it under your neighbour’s windscreen wiper.

Thank you for listening to my ideas, we can all do our bit.  Remember  “NO ACT OF KINDNESS NO MATTER HOW SMALL IS EVER WASTED”.