26 marathons in 26 days are done!!!! Wow, I can’t actually believe it.

You know when you go on holiday and you think “we’re here for two weeks that’s bloody ages”, then before you know it it’s time to pack and you’re heading to the airport for home, it has kind of been like that. When I started, I had this massive box of white t shirts, I honestly didn’t believe I’d ever get to the bottom of that blumin box. After the first few days, I felt even more certain that I’d never get there. 3 days in the tiredness really kicked in, getting out of bed every day was such an effort particularly the work days, getting up at 5, they were real killers. Thank goodness I only had 13 out of the 26 at work, once I got those bad boys out of the way the days were a little easier to handle.

Despite there being massive up and massive downs, I can’t believe that I actually got up and did it, day after day after day. What I’m even more surprised about is how well my body held up. People have asked me how I’ve done it? You might think I sound ever more bonkers than you already thought by saying this, but I honestly put it down to daily meditation and Reiki. I had no injuries, no strains, my feet ached a heck of a lot and I was totally exhausted but the legs held me up pretty well throughout 🙂 I had a few meltdowns along the way but that was always going to happen. The hardest day was day 19 when I just had nothing, without ever realizing it it was 11:30 pm and I still had some miles to do, I wasn’t going to get it in before 12, I just cried and cried like a baby and couldn’t stop. The last thing I wanted to do was a video but I thought, you can just do the good days and not show the bad. I know when I look back and all the videos are there I’ll be really proud. I know down the line I’ll be able to look back and show my kids (fingers crossed) and say “look what mummy did!”

I’m feeling a little disbelief if I’m being honest, its not really sunk in. I’m so grateful for all the support so far, it’s been incredible! Thank you to all who did the sunshine missions, organized events, donated prizes it’s been so overwhelming how kind everyone has been. The 26 in 26 was just the start, the launch pad you might say for the whole Spread a little Sunshine campaign. I’m hoping that people still continue to do their sunshine mission and post and nominate, my goal this week is to try and contact as many media sources as possible and tell them what we’ve all been doing and try raise the campaigns profile, I didn’t have the time or the energy whilst doing the marathons.

I also want to talk about Sol, I know that she has absolutely loved watching the campaign progress. Seeing all the acts of kindness, and the reactions of everyone. I can tell from her posts now on Facebook that she feels a little more hopeful for her future, knowing that all us folk care about her. I know it has really made a difference to her mind set. Having a positive mindset I believe, is the first step in recovery from any illness and I hope that from all our actions so far, we have helped her start to move in the right direction. Sol, hear me when I say, we are all still with you and won’t give up till we get the money you need to get you the life saving treatment you so desperately need.

Thank you everyone for all your kindness so far, watch this space for what to come next, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking whilst doing all those miles!!! I have a small mountain of ideas. Thanks again Kelly xx


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