Who do i want to help?

Sol lives in Argentina, we are friends on Facebook but have never actually met.  I knew she was sick as I’d seen a couple of things on Facebook and heard Lyme disease mentioned but until recently never really understood her situation and how desperately sick she really is.  Sol was bitten by a tick in the UK in 2012 and now has chronic Lyme disease, she spends 23 hours a day laid down.  She is unable to walk, her countless symptoms include POTS (basically severe nervous system damage), Erythromelalgia (intense heat/burning in her hands and feet), tremors, seizures.  Her body aches constantly and is in constant pain.  She described it to me as “like being tortured 24 hours a day every day and you can’t escape”.   

26 Marathons in 26 Days is how it all began!

So, the 26 marathons were completed on consecutive days.  I measured the distance using the step counter on my phone.  I completed them by any means I was capable of on that day.  Some days I was working so had to make up the rest of the miles either before or after work. It definitely involved a whole load of early starts and late finishes in the rain and shine! Throughout the campaign I asked people to join me just to help me get through it and to basically break the monotony.  I was under no illusions about this challenge, it was massive and was tougher than I ever imagined, but I believed I had got the grit and determination to do it! And I did!  I also posted ideas each day on how to #spreadalittlesunshine and also daily facts about Lyme disease plus videos (of me looking tired) and photos of my journey. You can still see these on past posts on our various social media channels.

Why am I doing this?

So, why am I doing this?  Sol is suffering at a level of pain that most of us can’t even comprehend.  When I saw the post on Facebook, something inside me woke up.  I felt compelled to do something, to act.  The world right now feels full of negative news, tragedy and a lot of hate and I think a lot of us are feeling somewhat frightened about our futures and the futures of our children.  I believe that the only way to make things better in the world is to spread some light, spread some sunshine.  We spend too much of our energy thinking and worrying about the bad stuff.  Let’s use that energy to do some good. 

Acts Of Kindness?

Just a few ideas of little things you could do to make someone Happier.
Click one to see if you like it.

1. Smile!

Smile at a stranger, anyone, the Post Lady 🙂 Shop Keepers, a passerby, anyone.

2. Chocolate!

Buy someone you care about their favourite chocolate bar (mine’s a biscuit boost, just in case).

3. Telephone

Call your parents.  Tell them that you love them.

4. Check in

Check in on an elderly neighbour to make sure they’re ok.

My Story

Learn more about what’s motivated me to start this movement and how I’m using that energy to improve people’s lives.

Sol’s Story

Get to know Sol, my friend and understand how this awful disease is destroying her life and how you can help.

Get Involved

We’d love for you to help any way you can, see some of our cool suggestions & download useful resources.

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